Bicycle Accident Attorney

bicycle accident attorney Glover Law FirmIn most cities in Florida, bicyclists are consider to be pedestrians; this means they have the same rights as pedestrians do when they are entering a crosswalk, riding on a sidewalk, or traveling along in the bike lane. When bicycle accidents occur because of negligent car or truck drivers, these cyclists have a right to obtain justice for the accident and the injuries, damages, and loss involved.

That’s why, at the Glover Law Firm, we recommend that a bicyclist contact us immediately after an accident has occurred. With the help of our Ocala personal injury lawyers, bicyclists will not only maintain their right to file insurance claims against the negligent party, but we will also assist them in receiving as much financial compensation for the bicycle accident as possible.

Why You Need a Bicycle Accident Lawyer

If you’re injured in a bicycle accident, what are your first steps? Unlike a vehicle to vehicle accident, who do you call? What should you do about medical expenses? Contacting the other party’s insurance company and trying to file a claim would be frustrating at best. Questions and concerns like this are exactly why you need the help of a qualified personal injury lawyer after a bicycle accident in Florida.

What if your bicycle accident doesn’t involve a car? Whether you are hit by a golf cart or motorcycle, or even bitten by a dog while traveling by bicycle, you have the right to compensation. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do the best they can to pay the least amount possible. If you attempt to settle the claim yourself, you may end up with 30% or even 40% less from the insurance company than you would if you had been driving another vehicle instead of a bicycle.

What Can Glover Law Firm Do For You After a Bicycle Accident?

When you are involved in any type of a bicycle accident, the Florida personal injury lawyers at the Glover Law Firm will step in and make sure every step is taken to ensure the success of your claim.

We will:

  • Sit down with you for a free consultation to learn about your accident. We are available to do so in our offices in Ocala and The Villages, at your home, or even at the hospital.
  • When we take on your case, we will investigate and analyze the scene of the accident and the damage that occurred to your bicycle.
  • We will, with your permission, view medical records and speak to your health care professionals to determine the extent of your injuries.
  • We will obtain and analyze any police statements and investigative material.

At the Glover Law Firm, we make it our mission in life to obtain swift justice for our clients. If you have been injured in a bicycle accident in Ocala or The Villages, whether it involved a dog, a car, a truck, or any other type of vehicle, let us help make sure you receive the financial compensation you deserve. The negligent party may be responsible for paying for your medical bills, bicycle damage, lost wages, and any pain and suffering related to the accident.

Contact a bicycle accident attorney at the Glover Law Firm today for a free consultation and case evaluation. You can reach us at (352) 205-4495 or toll-free at (888) 989-1123. You can also contact us online or follow us on Facebook.

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