Common Auto Accident Questions

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When you are involved in an auto accident, you are bound to have many questions.  Below is a list of commonly asked questions people have after being injured in an auto accident.  If you do not find the answer to your question here, contact Attorney Gordon Glover for a free case evaluation today at (352) 205-4495 or

Is Golf Cart Insurance Necessary?

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Golf carts are a common in The Villages and throughout central Florida.  After purchasing a golf cart, one must decide if he/she is going to purchase golf cart insurance.  However, before purchasing golf cart insurance, it is important to know if you have a traditional golf cart or a Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV). Most people

The Importance of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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Most people do not realize the importance of uninsured motorist coverage.  This type of auto insurance covers damages to a person injured in an automobile accident when the at-fault driver either does not have insurance coverage or does not have an adequate amount coverage. In essence, uninsured motorist coverage takes the place of liability coverage

Debunking Medical Malpractice Myths: Unraveling the False Premises Behind “Tort Reform”

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Debunking Medical Malpractice Myths: Unraveling the False Premises Behind “Tort Reform” is the title of a recent law review article that appeared in Vol. 5, Issue 1 of the Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law and Ethics: Below is the last paragraph of the article: “No one denies that there is a broad array of

New PIP Law in Effect

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1. Initial treatment must be obtained within fourteen (14) days from the date of the accident.  The initial medical treatment must be lawfully provided, supervised, ordered, or prescribed by a licenses physician (M.D.), Doctor of Osteopath (D.O.), Dentist or Chiropractic Physician, or provided in a hospital or medical facility. 2. PIP will only pay for

Motorcycle Driving Safety Tips

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The practices of some riders are offensive to other motorists (e.g., weaving in and out of stalled traffic, riding on shoulders). Being inconsiderate of other motorists creates a negative image for all riders, and can cause crashes. Be especially alert at intersections because approximately 70 percent of motorcycle-vehicle collisions occur there! Watch for vehicles that

Bicycle and Large Truck Accident Deaths Increase

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Traffic has reported that fatalities in 2011 dropped 1.9% to their lowest level since 1949.  However, deaths of bicyclists and occupants of large trucks rose sharply last year.  Bicyclist deaths jumped 8.7% and deaths of occupants of large trucks increased 20%.  In addition, more people died in distraction-related crashes,

Golf Carts are a Common Sight in Central Florida

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In The Villages, the most popular mode of transportation is the golf cart. Whether it is to the grocery store, golf course or out to dinner, most “Villagers” utilize a golf cart. Golf carts are also a common place in Tavares, which has four charging stations in its downtown for golf carts

What to Do After a Car Accident

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(1) Stay calm and remain at the scene. (2) Notify the authorities and seek medical attention for anyone that may need it.. (3)