Slower Golf Cart = Reduced Insurance Premiums

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On July 1, 2013, Governor Scott signed a law that will give Florida residents the option of reclassifying their “low-speed vehicles” as golf carts in order to save on registration and insurance fees.

The law allows the conversion of a “low-speed vehicle” to a golf cart by reducing the maximum speed to 20 mph.  Specifically, it establishes procedures to allow a vehicle titled or branded and registered as a “low-speed vehicle” to be administratively converted to a golf cart upon verification of the conversion by the Department of Highway Safety & Motor Vehicles, which is accomplished by the owner’s submittal of an affidavit, surrender of the registration license plate and current certificate of title, payment of a $40 administrative fee, and placement of a specified decal on the rear of the converted vehicle.

It is estimated that one will save anywhere between $500-$800 in annual insurance premiums by making the conversion to a 20 mph golf car.  So the 50,000+ golf cart and “low-speed vehicle” owners in The Villages should be excited about the passage of this law.