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Being involved in a car accident is always an unnerving experience. Even if we are not at-fault and we think that we are not injured, the mere fact that the accident happened can be enough to throw your life into disarray.

The situation may become more serious and complicated still if anyone involved in the accident is injured as a result. From the initial call to the police and trip to the emergency room to follow-up doctor visits and missed time at work, the whole experience is time-consuming and often very stressful.

Fortunately, an Ocala car accident lawyer is here to help. Our aim is to take the stress out of the process and provide peace of mind to our clients while pursuing maximum compensation for their injuries. In addition, our accident lawyers can handle the paperwork and details with the insurance company to pursue your claim against another at-fault driver.

When Another Driver is At Fault

In simple terms, another driver is at-fault when they are judged to have caused the accident. From the insurance company’s perspective, this is simply a way to place blame on one of the drivers. The law looks at this question in a slightly different way.

In order to collect compensation from an at-fault driver, a plaintiff must be able to prove that the defendant was negligent. This is a multi-step process that involves in-depth legal analysis. To prove negligence, people injured in car accidents must be able to show that:

  • They were owed a duty of care by the defendant
  • The duty of care was broken or breached
  • The breach of the duty of care caused their injuries

The first portion is almost always present in car accident cases since all drivers assume a duty to care for everyone else on the road. This duty extends to other drivers and passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

It is also almost always a given that a breach of the duty of care caused the injuries. While there may be rare instances of plaintiffs attempting to claim preexisting conditions in a car accident case, most claims are backed by solid medical evidence that points directly to the accident as the cause of the harm.

The most contested portion of a negligence claim is whether the duty was broken. In some cases, this question is made moot by a police report citing a driver for a traffic violation. Known as the legal concept of negligence per se, the law states that if a person is guilty of breaking a law and this violation causes an injury, the defendant is assumed to be civilly liable.

However, most cases involve examples of contested viewpoints as to who is at fault. In these situations, Ocala car accident lawyers can perform investigations of the accident by speaking with witnesses, examining the crash scene, and researching case law that deals with similar questions of liability.

What are the Potential Categories of Compensation?

All car accident cases that rely upon negligence as a cause of action must be rooted in a physical injury. However, there are many other forms of damages that can be just as severe.

For example, victims of car accidents often are forced to miss significant time at work due to pain and months of rehabilitation appointments. A thoroughly constructed demand package may insist upon compensation for both physical injury and other less direct—but no less valid—harms.

Let Ocala Car Accident Lawyers Take the Lead

Every stage of a car accident claim can be a confusing mess and potential detriment to the case if not handled properly — from knowing how to obtain a police report of the incident, to obtaining proper medical documentation, to dealing with aggressive insurance companies.

Ocala car accident attorneys help clients to properly and skillfully gather information, present it in a persuasive manner, and demand proper compensation for their injuries. Most cases, properly framed and negotiated, never need to go to trial and result in fair settlements.

Let an Ocala car accident lawyer help you move forward in your life with the compensation that you deserve. Contact us today.