Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse in Ocala

Any time a person must move into a nursing home or assisted care facility, they are often already struggling to take care of their personal needs and require help to do so. Nursing homes in Ocala must provide this care on both a routine and emergency basis.

Unfortunately, many nursing home residents suffer injuries, illness, and even death every year due to neglect. However, residents who are unfortunate enough to experience this maltreatment are not without options.

An Ocala nursing home neglect lawyer could help residents and their families recognize the warning signs of nursing home neglect in Ocala. Furthermore, they could help victims and their families hold these facilities liable in civil court.

Laws In Ocala Against Nursing Home Neglect

The state of Florida enacted a resident bill of rights that outlines the responsibilities for all nursing homes regarding how they must care for their residents, listed in Florida Statute 429.28. Among other things, it requires nursing home facilities to:

  • Provide access to outside communication
  • Not use undue physical force to restrain residents
  • Provide adequate and appropriate medical care
  • Maintain a properly clean and safe living environment

If a nursing home violates any of the provisions included in the statute, the facility may face a government investigation and be civilly liable for any resulting harm.

How can a Relative Recognize Neglect?

Not all abuse is easy to recognize. Either by carefully covering their tracks or intimidating residents, it can sometimes be difficult to discover neglect. Instead, patterns of behavior or inexplicable events may have to suffice as initial evidence.

Intentional abuse is the most insidious form of neglect, involving a worker intentionally withholding food or medication or doing nothing to address a medical problem of which they are or should be aware. In these cases, family members should examine residents for bruising or sores. When suspected poor medical care is at issue, an outside doctor could help determine neglect.

Side effects resulting from neglect can be more difficult to spot. In some situations, even the resident is unaware that the abuse is taking place. Family members should know the rights of nursing home residents and the obligations of nursing homes.

Individuals may be able to resolve some instances of neglect with a strongly worded letter or phone call, while others may require outside intervention. Either way, family members should stay aware of their loved one’s condition and any sudden or unexplained changes to it.

An Ocala Nursing Home Neglect Attorney May Be Able to Help

Warning signs of nursing home neglect in Ocala can be difficult to notice. Regardless, any form of neglect or abuse is a cause for concern.

Even when neglect is the result of a facility being unaware of their obligations, it is still a form of abuse. Any change in a resident’s demeanor, sudden change in physical health, or even unexplainable marks on the resident’s body can be signs of neglect.

An Ocala nursing home neglect attorney could work with residents and their families to explain the warning signs of nursing home neglect in Ocala, investigate these claims, and make sure the facility is held liable for their actions. Whether the claim is handled in or out of court, a seasoned attorney may be able to help.