Types of Abuse in Ocala Nursing Homes

Unfortunately, abuse in Ocala nursing homes is relatively common. Even though we trust these businesses to take care of our elderly loved ones—and Ocala law compels them to do so—thousands of residents suffer abuse every day. This abuse can take on many forms, both intentional and as the result of neglect.

an Ocala nursing home abuse lawyer could elaborate further on the types of abuse in Ocala nursing homes, and lead the fight to hold the responsible facilities legally liable in court and recover damages for people who suffered injury.

What Counts as Nursing Home Abuse in Ocala?

Abuse in nursing homes falls into two distinct categories. The first involves abuse that occurs as a result of neglect. While neither the facility nor their employees intend for the resident to come to harm, harm occurs nonetheless.

This usually results from facilities employing undertrained staff or failing to maintain the premises. Abuse that results from neglect can take on the form of malnutrition, bed sores, sickness from unsanitary living conditions, slip and falls, and depression or anxiety.

The other category of abuse involves the intentional harming of residents. In this scenario, staff members usually take deliberate action to injure or belittle their patients.

Florida enacted a resident bill of rights under Florida Statute 429.28 which makes it illegal for a nursing home to:

  • Use any unnecessary force to restrain a resident
  • Withhold food or water
  • Isolate the resident from other residents or their family
  • Deny medical care or medication

Any of these actions can be the grounds for both a civil suit and a criminal charge against the worker. Even in cases where a criminal court tries and convicts a nursing home employee, the resident or their family must still pursue a civil case against the nursing home to recover compensation for their damages.

What Can a Resident Do When They Suffer Abuse?

The first step a resident can take is to inform the head nurse or administrator at the facility. It is possible that the abuse is the act of a lone employee who will face punishment. However, if the abuse is systemic, the resident may have to report the abuse to other authorities.

The Florida Department of Elder Affairs investigates all allegations of abuse or neglect that happen in Ocala.

When the neglect or abuse is intentional, a call to the police may be appropriate. In these situations, the abusive employee may face criminal charges. The facility may also be liable in civil court for negligent hiring practices or for allowing the abuse to continue under their watch.

An Ocala Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Could Be Your Guide

If you or a loved one suffered intentional or unintentional nursing home abuse in Ocala, you have legal options. You may be able to seek compensation for economic and emotional damages suffered by you or your family member.

An Ocala nursing home abuse attorney could work with residents and their families to initiate civil lawsuits that aim to provide compensation for all types of abuse in Ocala nursing homes. Any situation involving abuse may qualify as a cause of action, even if the abuse was not intentional. Call today for a free consultation.