Ocala Slip and Fall Injury Lawyer

experienced ocala slip and fall injury attorney

Slip and falls are among the most common types of personal injury cases. They can occur almost anywhere, and often with little warning. In fact, this lack of warning is what renders many property owners liable for accidents that happen on their land.

Still, a properly pursued slip and fall case involves a complex legal analysis that needs to consider not just the facts that lead to the fall, but also the injured person’s reason for being on the land where the fall occurred.

Ocala slip and fall lawyers work with clients every day to evaluate their cases and pursue property owners who improperly maintain their land for compensation. To get started on your injury claim or discuss what legal options may be available, consult with an Ocala injury attorney today.

What Protections are Afforded

Whenever a person enters someone else’s land, they expect to be protected from all foreseeable danger. While this is something that may be expected as a rule of courtesy, the law subjects this relationship between landowner and visitor to a little more scrutiny. Depending on why a visitor is there and the owner’s knowledge of their entrance, the visitor is assigned a category under premises liability law. Each category is given a different level of protection under the law.

A trespasser is anyone who enters onto land without an owner’s express permission. Even if a landowner knows that a person typically enters their land without the owner’s consent, that person is still trespassing.

As a side effect of their violating criminal law, trespassers are given almost no legal protection from slip and falls. They can only successfully bring a claim if they were injured due to an intentional act committed by the landowner. A prominent example of this might be an owner setting up a booby trap to harm any intruder on their property.

Licensees are people invited onto land for a social visit, from whose presence the landowner derives no material gain. In Ocala, landowners must protect the visitor only from reckless exposure to danger. This is a much lower level of protection than typically given to licensees in other states.

As an Ocala slip and fall lawyer can explain, invitees are people who enter land for business purposes. Invitees are given the highest level of protection and must be afforded protections against any hazards that are known to the landowner.

For example, if a person enters a store in the mall during a rainy day, they may slip and fall on the accumulated water. The store’s owner has a legal duty to protect the shopper since the store is open to the general public. In addition, it is reasonable to expect the owner to realize that the rainy conditions may result in a slippery floor. In this scenario, the plaintiff may have a very strong slip and fall case.

Let an Ocala Slip and Fall Attorney Pursue Your Case

Under the law, a person must have permission to be on someone else’s land if they are to allege that the landowner was negligent in their care for the property.

An Ocala slip and fall lawyer can fully investigate all such accidents to determine your legal status, evaluate the landowner’s actions, and work towards achieving compensation to the full extent of your injuries.

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