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Commercial trucks are the largest vehicles allowed on roads and are subject to special rules that govern where and when they are allowed to travel. Unfortunately, truck drivers and their companies sometimes flout these laws in an attempt to meet deadlines and turn higher profits.

These seemingly innocuous shortcuts can have a profound impact on other drivers, as collisions between commercial trucks and personal cars rarely end well for the drivers of smaller vehicles. Even at low speeds, accidents with commercial trucks can total other vehicles and severely injure their occupants.

Ocala truck accident lawyers represent the interests of clients who have been injured in truck accidents and pursue negligent truckers and their companies for fair compensation. To discuss whether you have the basis for an accident claim, call and schedule a consultation with our injury attorneys today.

Frequency of Truck Accidents

Commercial vehicles provide an efficient means of transporting tons of goods across the country. In order for this transport to be done in a safe manner, though, there are important safety regulations that must be followed.

All trucks must be properly loaded, both in terms of overall weight and weight distribution. If a truck is overweight, it will be slower to stop in an emergency or may cause the driver to lose control when coming down a hill.

Improperly balanced loads may shift during travel. This redistribution of weight to the sides of the trailer can result in a truck flipping over in tight turns, or may cause the trailer to jackknife when coming to a stop. Improper loading of a truck is a leading cause of truck accidents.

The drivers of the trucks themselves are also a common cause of accidents. Truckers are subject to long hours on the road when forced to meet strict deadlines. This can cause them to drive for entire days without rest, a situation which creates an unnecessary hazard for everyone on the road.

Legal Basis for a Claim

Any lawsuit over a collision between two vehicles, even those involving commercial trucks, is pursued using the legal theory of negligence. This is because in almost all circumstances the trucker cannot be said to have intended to cause a collision. Even in situations where the driver is badly fatigued or is driving an overloaded trailer, they generally did not intentionally collide with the injured person’s car.

When we ask if a truck driver is negligent, our Ocala truck accident lawyers are asking if they behaved in a careless way that resulted in an accident. The legal requirements for a negligence claim are numerous, but the most common question is whether the plaintiff’s injury was the fault of the truck driver.

In some claims, this is a fairly easy question to answer. If the truck driver was issued a ticket for their driving by the police officers who responded to the scene of an accident, it is almost certain that they will be found to be negligent.

Many other cases are more complicated. Truck drivers commonly argue that the other driver was driving in a way that made a collision inevitable. They may argue that the other driver was in their blind spot or was following too closely prior to the accident.

To combat these defenses, a truck accident attorney in Ocala may conduct a full investigation of an accident to learn the truth of the event and strengthen their client’s claim.

Ocala Truck Accident Lawyers are Here for You

Collisions between commercial trucks and other vehicles can result in severe, life-changing injuries. A plaintiff may be looking to recover compensation not only for their medical costs, but also for lost wages and mental anguish.

Our attorneys understand the immense impact that these accidents can have on people’s lives. That is why we take the lead in all aspects of a personal injury claim related to a truck accident, from completing paperwork to talking with witnesses and insurance companies. This approach allows our clients to focus on their recovery and get their lives back to normal.

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