The Villages Golf Cart Accident Lawyer

Golf cart accidents can turn a tranquil day on the green into a spiral of injuries and legal issues.

If you or a loved one was injured in a golf cart accident, a Villages golf cart accident lawyer can help. By thoroughly investigating the accident and the client’s role in it, an attorney can provide valuable insight into legal rights and next steps. Call today to schedule a confidential consultation with an experienced injury lawyer.

Common Causes of Golf Cart Accidents

Golf carts can be deceptively dangerous. Though designed for low speeds on grassy surfaces, their limits are often pushed. When used at their top speeds, golf carts are subject to rollovers and serious collisions. Though not as heavy as a full-sized car, golf carts can trap victims under their weight in rollover incidents. Some of the most common kinds of golf cart accidents include:

  • Single-cart accidents
  • Multi-cart pileups
  • Crashes between cars and golf carts
  • Striking a pedestrian
  • Rollovers

The causes of such accidents may be familiar to any motor vehicle driver: drunk driving, hazardous weather conditions, low visibility and distracted driving. Virtually any cause for a motor vehicle accident can also lead to a golf cart wreck. Though golf carts cannot travel as quickly as a full-sized car and do not weigh as much, they can still cause serious injury and in some cases, death.

Damages for Victims of Golf Cart Accidents

Victims of golf cart accidents may be entitled to compensation. If their accident was caused by another person’s negligence, they may pursue legal action against the person responsible with the help of a Villages golf cart accident attorney. Settlements for golf cart accident victims frequently include compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills: This is not limited to the healthcare received immediately after a golf cart accident. Indeed, the settlement can be applied to ongoing costs of treatment.
  • Lost wages: In many cases, injured golf cart accident victims need time off work to recuperate from their injuries. The income they lose out on by missing work can be included in compensation.
  • Pain and suffering: Money cannot undo the pain endured by the victim, but it can ensure the easiest and quickest recovery process possible.
  • Punitive damages: In cases where the person responsible for the wreck was behaving especially recklessly, a judge may choose to award the victim punitive damages to deter the golf cart driver from ever acting negligently again. 

How a Villages Golf Cart Accident Lawyer Can Help

A Villages golf cart accident lawyer can help you and your loved ones determine if you have a viable case. Call today to speak with a lawyer who is both knowledgeable and skilled in seeking compensation for accident victims.

A confidential consultation with a lawyer can shed light on what your case could be worth and provide valuable insight into how to proceed. In the wake of an accident, you need a representative who can advocate for your rights and fight for the maximum possible compensation.

Schedule a consultation with a Villages golf cart accident lawyer today.